2 Weeks to go!! Share your PSP Ghost Data!!

Yoshimattsu : I haven't heard of any ways to break the bound, people pretty much say all you can do is sit back and take it, I have also been playing psp like crazy, I have gotten 300+ wins in the last 24 hrs!! Do you have a Ghost Saikoro?

Thank this guy for inspiring me to start a topic like this. Since we really dont have a way to communicate our skills outside of this circle (Well, at least for me.... no PS3!! :dozingoff). So why not.... Ive uploaded my Ghost Data into Tekken Zaibatsu's Massive Ghost Library, updated as of October 18th!! Make sure that you have all of your proper file needs as Tekken Zaibatsu explains in their Ghost FAQ section. I have the same username as everywhere else, Saikoro.

Enjoy.... and please let me know what you think!!

Thanks Yoshimattsu!!

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