Yoshimitsu Bound/Tactics Discussion

Grey : Hey man don't forget about US players too. I also thought Jap/Kor players are untouchable but I found some of the Devastation tournament videos and I couldn't be more wrong. US can hold their own too I have a whole new respect for them now. Point is, not all the best players come from Japan or Korea, there are many other great players around the world.

Check these vids out. Maddogjin vs. MrNaps. I don't even have to introduce Maddogjin but I seriously thought MrNaps had no chance but... nevermind just watch.

MDJ vs. MrNaps

No doubt there Grey, very good response. I should have clarified a bit more on US players.... We have good ones, just not as many as Asia's waters hold. Mah bad. As Yoshimattsu put it, the arcade scene really makes a difference. I totally wish I lived in Japan.

On a side note (As with this edit), this awesome video of Bryan/Naps shows, us Westerners focus LOTS of effort on HUGE, life leeching combos. Im not downing Nap's ability in any way, but you can clearly see his Bryan is based off of a "Destroy your opponent off a simple mistake." This may be the case for defense in general, but 90% of his wins came from an Interrupt into a huge Juggle that literally raped his opponents life away. Compare that to some Eastern vids and any victory is a bit more on the finesse side.

Regardless of what style were looking at, Naps is crazy good. Kinda freaky and intimidating good too.


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