Yoshimitsu Bound/Tactics Discussion

Yoshimattsu : Well said!! I have seen many complaints about the bound system, but, from what I have seen of it, it looks pretty cool. I know some people wouldn't like to see even more ways to extend agonizingly long combos, but I think it forces all of us to up our games and get with the times. The Bound and Rage systems have gotten their fair share of criticism, but in the end I have a feeling we will all come to accept and value these improvements...


Yoshi8861 put it best as Ive been looking at some more YouTube Videos of High Skill Play.... and I can now spot that opening of sorts every single time. This awesome video I just spotted shows some really impressive Law and a few Armor King Bound System Combos that feature some Juggles. A few examples to look for include:

Armor King at 16 Seconds... Bound....
Laws awesome Juggle/Bound startup at 20 seconds.... impressive Wall and Bounds!!
Armor King again with another Bound at 54 seconds

The Video: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v02EPfKVGco&feature=related"

As far as balance is concerned, I think its actually quite fair, if not a bit exaggerated as far as the System is concerned. If your Skills are on par with reading your opponent, then this isnt going to be an issue. With scrubs however, thats all youre going to see. I cant wait to literally destroy would be spammers!!

Case in point: Japanese Style vs Western/American Style. You could just tell immediately which is which without even guessing. From what Ive gathered so far, Japanese Players are FAAAAAAAAAAAR more technical with better emphasis on finesse and interruption. Westerners tend to be more offensive, soaking up more damage just for the win playing off of that "High Risk/Reward" mindset. I think one of the only things we picked up from them is that constant sidestep/forward/backward footwork movement to throw off your opponent. Hwoarang showcases this incredibly well.

Thoughts on Western/Japanese Style??


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