Have you seen newest Transformers already? :)

This film sounds like it sucks alreddy! - My sucky-radar must have dodged it big time cos I haven't even seen the trailer! :D

RANT: I really hate it when film sequels over exaggerate with jokes.. Or even music! - That desperation is really low. It shows they're all washed up and out of ideas... Or, they're not looking hard enough for people who write / or pay for good scripts... They should be paid less for a poor production.. (Meaning, I won't support them by buying the film) Otherwise they just continue with the low quality crap.. - And that's like an infectious rash and all other production companies will catch on and join in to cut a pretty penny.

Also, I think they're leaning too much on special effects these days... Maybe they're hoping that this will compensate for a poor story. :con

I'm gonna watch Ice age 3 with my bro soon.. I hope it's good. :)