YOT's Birthday and the YOT Awards

Hi folks.. Okay last year nothing special happened on YOT's birthday (August 17th I think)and no one could think of anything we could have done to mark the day anyway. Well, I have had an idea for this year and I want to know what people think.

I thought as there are many active members right now, it would be fun to have YOT Awards where we vote members to win certain categories. If it works, it could become a yearly tradition too. If you lot like the idea then I thought we could spend some time deciding which categories we'd have and how voting will work (I'd be happy to collect votes via PM and tally them up myself.. I wont cheat).

Some of the kind of categories I was thinking of are...

Best Fan Art
Most Like Yoshi
Most Obsessed With Yoshi
Best Fan fiction
Best Koga.. erm, I mean, Comic :p
Brainiest Member
Most loveable Member
Member You'd Most Like To Have a Drink With
And, Member Most Likely to Be a Pimp...

I'm sure we'll be able to come up with others.

So.. What does everyone think? Could this be a fun way to mark 8 years of Yoshi-obsession??