Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

Yoshimattsu : I was Marshall Law.....And Yoshi was second!! I think it's awesome that you have psychic tendencies!!! Why would people make fun of you for that? I think personally that you should do everything you can to nurse and develop your gift...It's very rare and should be treated as such.

Marshall Law, and Yoshimitsu, really rock. :D They're both really awesome. ^_^ Those are my brothers' characters to play as, out of us three; and whenever we play against one another... we always lose to Marshall Law! LOL. ^^

You do? Really? Thankyou, for being understanding, and supportive. :) ...I don't know really; most people's response seems to be, "Can you predict the winning number?", or something lame like that... everybody knows you don't use psychic abilities for something as selfish/silly as that... although, the certain family members I've mentioned can be real vicious with it; so I, with my brothers, and Mom, tend to be quiet about it, because of that. :(

And thankyou again, I appreciate that. I will try my best to develop it. :) I'm finding it real hard to do meditation, which is a great way to not only develop with the spirituality, but it also would help with easing up stress, and focusing the mind... which can be a bit hard, because I live on a real noisy street. :X I think, most of all, I'd like to be able to pick up on the Yuen method my Mom has practiced (and has actually helped with easing my panic attacks, and pains; when Mom does have the time to practice on healing me,'); because I would like to be able to help others out like that, too... especially my Mom. :)