yoshimitsu8861 : Jembru, are we really called YOTians... :D haha... first time to know! :D

Ah right.. well no, not really. This is a name I totally made up (though Sum uses too.. sorry to drag you into this Sum.. well not TOO sorry :wink)

It came from a convo from a while back, I think it was on Shout... When the LHC was about to be switched on I decided to make a YOT plan for when/if the Earth blew up. I decided that all YOT members were to grab onto a piece of the Earth as it flew into space and we would all meet on the nearest inhabitable planet and become a society of Yoshi-obsessed space-people.. The planet would be named planet YOT and its people, the 'YOTians'... after that, the name just kinda stuck. I like it though.