SumSamurai : It's really neat how you and your bros get up to such creative stuff. Real neat. I'd like to encourage my brother so we could do the same thing. - I think he needs to get away from those games... :)

I'd love to see your DA site. Btw, in the control panel there's a proper place where you can put the link your home website - If you wish. And Somewhere in the forums there's a topic where you can post your DA link in.

I do have a DA account but... It's a little bit neglected. I have a lot of unfinished pictures - But I do have lots of photos of my family's exotic pets. - I think they are the only decent picture there. :D

I'll find that topic and post my link soon. ^_^

Yes, I'm close to my brothers, and it's fun to have others to work with. We also sometimes work with two of our friends, whom are also apart of the art group, too. :D Yeah, being in front of a screen can't be good for your bro all the time (gosh, I'm one to talk... I'm always in front of the screen... computer, video game, television/movie... XD)

Ohh, yeah, I could do that. That's smart. :D Okayies, I'll link it in my profile, and try to find the topic you were talking of. Thanks for that. :)

Aww... even so, I'd love to see it. :) I was looking at your fanart in the gallery here, and I like it, although had trouble loading some of it (I blame my dial-up, it does that with making things slow :X).