Which Tekken character(s) do you resemble?

Appearance: A mix between Michelle Chang, Julia Chang, and Zafina... I'm partially Native American, which might have me a bit biased with the Changs; although, I look like Seung Mi-na, and they resemble her; and vice versa, so (and the outfits work out with Julia's second player denim outfit, too... gotta cosplay that sometime,'); and I can have that sweeter look of Julia... but I think I look alot more like Zafina, because she seems to share my serious look, the strong face build, eyes, and all; as well as she is spidery like Pris (whom I'm alot like,'); and my brothers pointed out that she looks like me first, so... I guess they're right. ^^

Behaviour: Hmm... this is very tough for me, because it's hard to pinpoint just one single character whom acts like me... Pris! Wait... wrong series... umm... I'll say Zafina; although, also mixed with other characters (I can be moody, so it's hard to choose one alone... I want to say I'm similar to Yoshimitsu, but I don't think so, other than being eccentric :P).

Interests: I have alot of interests, but I can say... Bryan, for solitude, and dislike of sunlight (seriously makes me sick, and adds to my migraines... and I wanna steal some of my Mom's lighters, because they're so pretty... like Chinese Dragon :D)... Yoshimitsu, for video games, and internet surfing (very guilty of that :blush)... and Zafina, for astrology, as well as I like everything to do with the occult, and unknown...

PS. Namco ripped off one of my brothers completely for Sergei Dragunov. :X

* Random trivia: While I'm very happy with the name my Mom chose for me... my b*stard father wanted to name me Michelle... after him XD - just thought it funny to point that out, because of Michelle Chang. :P

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