Minasan, akemashite omeditou gozaimasu! -happy new year everyone

Oh my friend tried to clean up her vocabulary last year! It was so funny... she had a little note book with a list of 'fines' that she had to pay if she used certain words... for some reason she decided to exclude all words starting with the letter 'b' apparently because there are a lot of bad words in English beginning with b and also because she needed something to say in situations that demand a curse word and she decided that b-words are the most satisfying words to say in such situations... I remember that charges started at 50p and went up to ?5 for a particularly naughty word starting with 'c'... she never had any money! I remember spending only a few hours with her and she had managed to fine herself over ?20!!

(Sum... the friend I'm talking about is the belch-machine I brought with me when I visited you!!!)

My friends are all kinda silly but I wouldn't want them any other way, life is so much better when you have plenty reasons to laugh..

Good look with getting your fitness back Koga... I'm gonna try that too. Not that I was ever strong but I used to do cross-country running when I was in school. My speed and stamina was the only talent I was ever really admired for at school. Only during the cross country season was I actually treated with some kind of respect by EVERYONE. I have always said I'd like to get back into running but its not safe to run alone around here... another good thing about going back to planet Japan I guess...