Minasan, akemashite omeditou gozaimasu! -happy new year everyone

Jembru : I quit smoking!!!
I quit smoking a long time ago, but to be honest, I still smoke 1 or 2 fags a year, usually because my friends offer me. I try and avoid it, though, it's a nasty habit.
Jembru : Okay Koga... your turn...
1) Resolution number 1 is to clean up my vocabulary, in other words, stop swearing or at least reduce it significantly.
2) Resolution number 2 is to get back to the Fitness business. When I was younger, a teen, I used to take part to some of these local, small-time fitness competitions. I began lifting weights before I turned 12, anyway. But now as I'm older and in less hazard of disturbing or damaging my growth, I'd like to get back to doing it. My goal is, that in the beginning of year 2010 I'm in shape enough to start competing again. ^^