Ninjitsu and other Martial arts

I love studying martial arts. I have studied judo for several years now (4th kyu), and I've also become a ninjutsu disciple. Since I live in a small town, I have no chance of getting the usual ninjutsu training, so I self-study instead, and see the sensei at a nearby city occasionally. I've also started to mix up a ryu (=art) of my own. I practice every day.

In this mix-up ryu of mine, I gather a lot of techniques from whatever I see. I've learn few moves from Yoshimitsu, another few from Kunimitsu, one or two from Taki and so forth. Now I've gotten a lot of inspiration from the old Predator-movies (as my avatar can tell) when it comes to different kind of weaponry. I came upon a very neat wrist-blade defence just the other day...

In other words, martial arts are very close to my heart. More than that, I believe that when the art is taken as it should be, it ceases being a hobby - it becomes the way of life.