Destroy the poster above

What?! You killed my next victim Gattsu; The said: 'painless, skinless, soul-less, demon man-thing' Who I was going to throw into a deep pit of salt, and watch his spasmodic skinless-body thrash about whist emitting high pitched screams of pain.

Darn it!!! I'll have to settle for you then.:p

Sharp is very tired and decided to take a short-cut home through a local forest. He sees the burnt living-dead body of SumSamurai, and gets really freaked out he runs in panic and trips on a rock. (Resulting in a twisted ankle) Gattue's giant man-eating ants find and eat him. ALIVE!

hehe! This would make a great horror movie!:yes

Edit: *Reads Gattsue's previous post* Hmmm. Due to my most recent posts, I've come to the conclusion that I'm sick... Becasue I think I'm becoming one of the most heinous ppl here. If not the most. So I'll tone down. Agreed? Or do you ppl like reading my posts?:|

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