Destroy the poster above

Unfortunately, Yoshifan5 was just daydreaming after having watched too many cartoons...
However, since Gattsu can not feel pain and comes from hell, he is still some sort of "alive", with or without skin.
To make sure SumSamurai will never again interrupt his cruel task, he ambuscades her in a forest, ties her to a tree and bites and tears the foul flesh off her body.

But he won´t waste more of his time...The giant red ants will do the job for him.
(Duuude, I´m sick !?!?!:()

He arrives at Dr. B´s lab...

(sorry 'bout the cruelty with the ants, I have some annoying mosquitos in my room and can NOT find them ?!I´ve counted EIGHT new bites this morning?!? Ahhhhhh, it itches sooo much; so I wanted to share my insect problem^^)