Destroy the poster above

In the depth of hell, Gattsu met Satan and made a deal with him. If he could destroy all YOT members AND Yoshimitsu himself, Satan will bring him back to life, but in return he keeps his soul, so that Gattsu is nothing more than a cold blooded killing machine. :yes

Deal! So there he was again. Without any clear emotion, except for hatred and anger, Gattsu lets himself lead by the bloodlust inside of him.

But...what the hell was that ?!?! A toe wiggling, driveling...thing sits in the gras and...laughs ??
Obviously, it was SumSamurai...or at least her remainings.

To break her, Gattsu ripped Sum´s toes off her feet to watch her laughter change into bitter screams...

Next stop, Dr. Boskonovich´s lab...
"Prepare to DIE, Manji!!"