Destroy the poster above

While Gattsu was off collecting his weapons, the bored SumSamurai suddenly noticed her zombie feet and found them greatly amusing. She sat on the floor and stared at them, laughing wildly at their strange appearance.

Yoshimitsu, who had been hiding in the shadows watching this bizarre blood bath, realized that Jembru was finally dead and would stop following him around like a bad smell. He let out a sigh of relief 'Yokatta! Kanojo wa kareta!' Still, he felt bad for her so, while SumSamurai was distracted by her toes, he quickly dug a deep grave and collected Jembru's remains so he could give her a proper burial. Just as he was about to drop the gooey bits of Jembru into the hole he remembered that without her around, he'll never taste her fine yakitori with agedashi tofu again.

'Aa, mayotte iru n'da' says Yoshi, scratching his head.

He saw Gattsu approaching and realised he needeed to make a decision. He decided that Jembru's cooking was worth putting up with her so flew off with her remains to see if Dr. B could do anything to save her.

After that, Gattsu caught the distracted SumSamurai off-guard and killed her, only to then be killed himself by Manji Yoshimitsu. However, Manji Yoshimitsu started to leap around in victory and accidently fell into the grave that Yoshi had left open. He suffered a fractured skull, 3 broken ribs and a sprained ankle. He later died in hospital from internal bleeding!

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