Silly little neko mimi girl in love with Yoshi say's HI!!!!!

Eh.. I'm a little late saying hi. But A lot happened here when I wasn't looking ^^"

Anyway, welcome to YOT Jembru. It's great to have you here and you're very talkative.:) I was pretty much introduced to Yoshi in a similar way as you but through a friend; he insisted that I should play Tekken against him. So I did. And on the character select screen I found Yoshi to be a most ((Unique)) character of all, so I decided to play him. Despite the fact his looks and wins scared me, I found him very interesting. Especially when my friend couldn't decided what Yoshi was supposed to be. Alien, robot... Cyberman?! My gosh! I didn't know what to think, but I became increasingly more interested in him when I search him on the internet.

Sorry for telling a story here; remembering how I felt when I first meet Yoshi brings happy memories.8)