Silly little neko mimi girl in love with Yoshi say's HI!!!!!

Thanks everyone! Who knows what it is that makes Yoshi-kun so amazing and so appealing. It's one of those mysteries of the universe, like 'Who made the pyramids?' 'Why did T.rex have such pointlessly useless arms?' 'And who was the first person to look at a cow and think 'I wonder what happens if you tug on those hangy down things?' I guess some guys have it, some guys don't. I think I'll be at home here.

My little picture-sort-of-thingy doesn't work (translation; I'm dumb around technology). Was going to make mine a pic of me in my best harajuku girl clothes wearing a fabulous pair of neko-mimi and everyone would have been like 'wow, she's wearing clothes from harajuku and a pair of neko-mimi.' and everyone else would be like 'Oh yeah, so she is!' Never mind. If only everything was a simple as myspace <sighs and looks dreamily out of the window for a moment> Ah well, such is life.

namu namu namu