Which Character Would You Boot From the Series?

I actually like Bryan Fury. He's fun to play against. Mainly 'cos I always win, though, so I guess that's not a fair answer =)

I want Christie and Eddy to leave, just to get rid of button bashing maniacs. I was getting slaughtered by Lili once as Yoshi, so I went Christie and bashed moves. Won twice in a row. That's all the evidence I need as a reason to boot 'em.

Lili can die as well. Hate playing against her - just isn't fun. She's tedious as hell.

Animal characters can be a bit fun to play against and play with, but I guess they're kinda pointless, despite seeing a couple of players who actually do quite well with them.

About it, methinks. But yes, Tekken does need some kind of retirement plan for the oldies. Give 'em a break! xD