It was awesome to be learning such a rare style! Karate, kickboxing and other "sport" martial arts dojo's are easy to find, so i was very lucky! But yeah taijustsu is a very natural style, and doesn't have any flashy kicks or anything too extravagant. The Ninja needed to kill or KO an opponent quickly and silently so there's a lot of grappling and locks ect. The stuff you see in games and films is nothing like the real thing! I got to use weapons too of course (ninpo)- staff's of different lengths, spears, swords and shuriken. Some videos of Bunjinkan style are about over the web, and even some grainy black and white japanese film of the master Masaaki Hatsumi himself. My working hours make it difficult to find a dojo to suit my lifestyle now unfortunately. I'm hoping to take up Kendo sometime though, if i can find a dojo.