I hope i spelt the title right! Anyway hi everyone! I've been a Tekken fan since the original, naturally my fave character in the game has always been Yoshi. He's the only guy who makes a real effort to wear something new in each game! I bet the designers enjoy designing his outfits most of all.

Anyway i'm glad that i'm not alone in my fetish! I bought a ps3 as soon as tekken dr went online, because it's the best reason to own one. So now i gotta polish up for all those Anna and Nina fans out there that are no doubt cleaning up.

When i'm not stabbing other players i'm either reading (mostly science and natural history), making tunes (i produce Techno buti'm not signed) or working. I'm well into games in general (i've been playing over 20 years!) and have a 360, psp, ps1 and megadrive in addition to my newly bought ps3.
Oh yeah and i've actually been a student of Bunjinkan Ryu Ninjutsu - and i can tell you it's nothing like what Raven does!
See you online!

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