Destroy the poster above

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Clar used his ninja skills to create illusory images of himself (not clones) and managed to escape the hall without a scratch. His blatant use of his enrgy earlier had cost him dearly and he had become extremely weakened. How foolish of me, he thought.

Wondering how fastlegs had survived his most deadly poison, he trudge as silently as he could to the exit, knowing that he couldn't possibly win against fastlegs on her own turf. "Goodness! You're the dumbest man I've met!" Clar380's conscious had decided to pay a visit and mock him for his failure, "Why didn't you just stab her or something. You can't always expect poison to work". Clar ignored his conscious, shrugging it away as if he couldn't hear. "Humph! You dare ignore me?" Conscious asked , giving clar a mental punch in the mouth. "I don't need you right now, Consious. Im busy trying to stay alive." Clar answered reluctantly, rubbing his sore mouth.
"As you can see", clar indicated to a pile of dead ninja minions lying on the floor, "fastlegs has an army, and isn't afraid to use it." Clar paused for effect, "and I... Have no army." Clar accepted the miseerable truth: he was weak, had no energy left to fight and was beyond having any friends to help. He pondered on suicide for a moment.
"I can help!" Consious said cheerfully, jumping up and down in clar's mind like a small child.
"How?" Clar asked, suddeny curious. Consious went silent as if he were collecting his own thoughts then continued, "Your brother. Call him."
"Of course!!!" The words burst out of Clar's mouth, his mouth twisted into a malicious grin. "Lets see you get out of this"

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Stabs fastlegs in the eyes so she can't roll them up. throws hot embers into them and pushes her off a cliff. lol.