Destroy the poster above

Being Spiderman and pretending to be Spiderman hadn't porperly made itself clear to fastlegs as she ran towards the edge of a the one hundred and thirty-two metre tall sky scraper.. She ran light-footed towards the edge, made a great leap for the next building and squeezed her wrist to make the sticky silk come out. She didn't realise until then that she had no special spider powers. With a shriek of terror she plunged down towards the cement paving below, watching her death coming closer and closer, the wind sweeping up her hair. Splat!!!

Way up in the heavens, the soul of clar380 (the present one) looked away in shock as he saw his enemy fall needlessly to her death. Of all the unfair things he had seen in his life, this was the worst. "I was supposed to kill her, not gravity! Darn you gravity!"

offtopic: That was easy, you should know me by now. Don't leave anything for me to use against you.

Oh, @ Tenshi: The new skin is looking pretty good so far, can't wait to see the end product. :):):):):)