Destroy the poster above


really clar380 you are so losing it.

never mind fastlegs comes back up from the dead makes a time merchince,
to stop all Clar380 ansissters coming back to life and killing fastlegs ansissters.

oh and to make things better Fastlegs hided the time merchine, because once you go back in time in it you can be younger again.

2007 labortory...

the original fastlegs bumps into her ansisster and tells her ansissster that clar380 is not really dead in the cave, and to go back in there and pull clar380 out of the rubble.

so the fastlegs of the future did so, and after they had set the laboutory a blaze, they got clar380 and put a grande in him and throwed him into the blazing labotory ruins.

and fastlegs went back into her past, but still young, I will never get old now:D