Destroy the poster above

clar 380 was jumping up and down that he forgot one thing, Fastlegs either dead or alive had control of the zombies and creatures of the night.

as soon as clar380 walked away in he's victory walk, the zombies and creatures of the night started to bring fastlegs back to life.

a few days later.....

clar380 had manged to get himslef a new body to take control of thanks to his very good ninja skills and made his body into something like jacks but all the weapons hidden so well that no one would guess he was a robot and was a normal human being.

also clar380 had put he's whole soul into his new robot body that if anything was to go wrong Clar380's soul would be traped in the robot's body for ever and not be able to escape.

clar380 was in his new body in a underground laboutory when he heard a crash.

"no I killed you" shouts Clar380.

Fastlegs was back more evil and cold looking then ever, her skin was so peal now that it was the colur of a ghost.

Clar380 throught it was all just a dream, so put his hand out to feel for Fastlegs, while also closing his eyes.

Just as Clar380 touched Fastlegs Chest, Fastlegs slapped Clar 380 accros the face and then went into punches right into the walls of the Labboutory.

the fight went on for ages all the time Fastlegs just kept puonding Clar380, evnturlly Fastlegs got borad and decied to finish Clar380 off, Fastlegs sent Clar380 into a tombstone Piledriver and then with clar380 circuits knocked out, Fastlegs put her hand into Clar380's wires and ripped all of them out bring the robot and Clar380 to a end.

Fastlegs then sets the laboutory on FIRE to make sure Clar380 is dead for sure this time and then runs out of the cave in two seconds to go and get something to eat.:D