Destroy the poster above

being a ghost clar380 could easily escape from the grave simply by flying through the casket and phasing through the dirt and mud. When he reached the surface he mearly floated around in a dream state, unaware of his surroundings. A fair ways away, he heard a loud gunshot and flew over to see what all this noise was. fastlegs had just finished shooting Kman mercilessly, he chest laid open, his heart blown and torn into pieces.
"How dare she!" clar cried soundlessly, anger brewing in his empty soul. "How dare she kill him off before me!" Fastlegs' gun hand dropped lazily to her side, he hand spattered lioghtly with blood. Although, technically, clar had killed him first, fastlegs made sure he stayed dead. Curses, he thought. If only he could hold a gun. And as abruptly as he thought that, an idea came to mind.

He invisiblised himself and crept beside her. Clar took a deep breath and plnged himslef into the body of fastlegs, possesing her. He felt fastlegs' will fighting against him, but the suddeness of the attack had stunned her that she couldn't react quick enough.
Clar told fastlegs' hand to lift, pointed the gun towards her chest and pulled the trigger. With a resounding bang, and a soft thud, fastlges lay dead in the mud, beside her helpless victim.
Clar380 luaghed hesterically, jumping up and down. His soundless celebration unheard.