Destroy the poster above

Hi Kman! welcome, but I hate to be the first person to kill you, but I can't let any of the others do it either, so I'm somewhat obligated to. hehehe


Clar380 drifted dreamily through the misty remains of the passing storm, humming soundlessly to himself. He liked being a ghost, apart from the sideaffect of being dead, he liked it. He liked the floating feeling and being able to fly, and especially liked being invisible. Or the more easier for him to scare people.

The passing storm had blown itself northward, and the impaled figure of fastlges was silhouetted against the setting sun. A fine image indeed, he thought. Grnning all the while. After floating around for a while, he noticed someone he'd never met before. Curiously he made himself invisible and snuk behind this stranger. Took a deep breah and let loose a powerfull wind that blew the poor fellow away, screaming, arms flailing all about. The wretched soul landed heavily on a large rock poking from the ground, blood spreading from his/her head.