Destroy the poster above

Yoshifan not the best place to match me in a wrestling arena.

as yoshifan celebrates his win and leaves the arena the lights go out and the usual gong goes off in the background, all of a sudden a lighting bolt comes out of no where and nearly hits Yoshifan.

and then the lights go back on and yoshifan looks like he has seen a ghost, fastlegs was back on her feet.

yoshifan goes running back into the ring but this time fastlegs was ready for him and as yoshifan tryed to go for another flying elbow drop, fastlegs gets yoshifan around the neck and sends yoshifan for a chockslam and then picks yoshifan up and gives him a tombstone piledriver.

after that fastlegs goes and puts yoshifan in a casket and burys him alive.

that's what you get yoshifan when you call me a boy, when I'm indeed a girl.

and you chosse the wrong day to mess with me aswell because today is my 19th birthday, so let that be a lesson to you all, never come out to destory me on the 25th of april or you will Rest In Peace(fastlegs rolls her eyes into the back of her head)