Destroy the poster above

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Hey I swear killing me twice in the same way is agaist the rules.:con

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too lucky for me I rolled my eye's up after I asked my self that stupid question.

as fastlegs brought her self back to life the laugth of clar380 was starting too get a bit stupid
"only evil monsters and vampires laugth with evil on their mind, but clar380 is starting to get a bit silly now" says fastlegs to herself.

"oh and no man or woman dead or alive can get away from me, I will catch the evil spirt of clar380 if it is the last thing I do." shouts fastlegs in the cave.

just then shadow of the night starting acting up. fastlegs could tell something was up.
it was clar380 she brought him self back to life.

"this time I will kill you once and for all Clar380!" shouts fastlegs.

shadow of the night goes stright into action and trys to set clar380 on fire, but clar380 gets out of the way just in time and as Sahdow flys past Clar380, clar shoots Shadow stright down into the ground. fastlegs starts to get a bit tearful and runs over to shadow. to find her pet dead.

and clar380 saw the chance to finish off Fastlegs, but fastlegs got out her lightsaber and de-flceted clar380 attack, which sent clar 380 into a wall of the cave at a very fast force. and as clar hit the wall the cave started to collespse. fastlegs picked up shadow and made like the wind out of the cave, clar380 was left there to die. after the cave had collepsed fastlegs blows up the rubble from the cave which clar380 was in with Gunpowder.

"that's it, now stay dead clar380"

fastlegs recovers Shadow back to full health with the power of her eyes and Fastlegs rides on the back of Shadow into the moonlight.