Destroy the poster above


fastlegs : I don't know about you clar380 but I think it's time we take our rivly up to the next level, because we have been at it for two months now.

Yes! but how? We shan't resort to throwing rocks at each others houses :D If only there was an online tekken. But sadly, because of tekken being a frame-based game that'd be impossible. That way we could have a few sparring matches. How exciting that would be!


Fastlegs patted her new dragon affectionately, savouring the taste of victory. Her dragon burped loudly and gave her a fright, she chuckled heavily to herself, "you wouldn't eat me. Would you?" Speed of the Night answered with a soft grunt that stirred the sandy ground at her feet. Suddenly, the dragon's stomach began to rumble ferociously and the dragon vommited her stomach acid onto fastlegs and she died. Apparently, Clar380's body pieces never settled properly witht the dragon. :D

Meanwhile: The spirit of Clar laughed again, "...killed a second time by her own pet. Priceless!"