Kogamitsu : Hold on a sec, didn't Kuni originally want Yoshi's sword because of the power the sword had? Now that the sword is losing power, what would be her motive of joining the tournament? To take the piss out of Yoshi or Bryan?

Actually no. The reason she wanted the sword in Tekken 2 was mainly for her grandfather. The actual official Japanese storyline was that she was going to steal it for him because he wanted to make a copy before he died. If Namco doesn?t just drop this storyline, she?d probably join to get revenge for both her grandfather and herself. I can only dream right now that this return will actually happen though.

I think there will be a draw sword / put sword back command for him.:

The animation in mid battle for that would look so cool I think.

Anyway, I love the new Yoshimitsu idea either way. We are so used to seeing the proud, high and mighty Yoshimitsu of past Tekkens. I think it will be interesting to see him as he begins to fall from power thanks to Bryan. We?ve never really seen him in such a desperate situation.