Kogamitsu : But this also could lead to think that Yoshi's power isn't actually his, but something that comes from the sword.
Let's put this another way. Maybe it would take a great deal of power, will, strength, purity of heart, any other b/s like that, in order to control and harness the power of the sword. Just sayin...

In other news I'm loving this idea. I can imagine Yoshi with two primary stances like Ivy (swords sheathed, swords drawn) and possibly even a third in-between stance where he holds one sword with two hands or something. And according to which primary stance you're in you would be able to transition into his other stances. Imagine, only with "One-Sword-Drawn-Stance" is he able to execute the Flea/Pogo stance.

Just thought of something: Both swords drawn... wait for it... omgomgomg!... POGO STILTS!!! Well that would be a laugh. LOL

Anyway, I bloody hell can't wait to see this. It may even be the next greatest revolution since sliced bread...:cry