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after fastlegs satbbed clar in the back and left the cave, the dead body of clar lay still on the ground. suddenly it dissappeared and the true clar380 stepped out of his hiding space. Clar had used his ninja abillities to create a second and full working copy of himself, at the expense of half his ki/life energy. He trudged carefully into the darkness of the cave, extending his senses as far as he strength could manage. He knew fastlegs had already left, but something else was in here. It wasn't evil nor good. whatever it was, it was curious about clar and fastlegs. Clar380 did not want to encounter this creature so he headed off silently as possible after fastlegs.

Clar had been walking for what seemed like a day before he entered a large ominous carvern, the curious presence had grown more intent on confronting clar; he did not like this. Clar had slowly recovered some strength and knew he had only enough to mask his presence from a sly fastlegs and the strange being following him.

He masked himself and sped across the cavern floor hoping not to run into anyhting else, and then all of a sudeen clar heard a loud thump. Somthing limp fell next to him. Clar looked in astonishment at the starry-eyed face of fastlegs staring endlessly into the darkness of the cave. What had happened to her, clar didn't know, but he took this chance to finish her off with a quick stab throught the rib cage with his nanjato. He cleaned his blade and trudged on into the darkness.