Destroy the poster above

clar380 throught he was going to fall forever, but to he's surpise he ends up stopping falling after 2 days into somekind of cave.

clar380 starts looking around but all he could see was pictures and tribal symbols of monsters, it was starting to freak clar out.

but finlally it had seem that clar had found some light at the end of the cave, but it wasn't what clar was expecting it was a table full of food.

clar decieds to tuck in, but after clar finishes and starts wondering how he is going to get out.

fog starts to come into the cave.

"fastlegs is that you!" scrams clar.

but what happns next is that fastlegs stabs clar in the back from behind.

"don't say thanks for the feast" says fastlegs as she leaves the cave.