Destroy the poster above

clar380 is rising his hand to say he has won the on going battle with fastlegs, as clar380 exits the pub the gong of fastlegs goes off and everyone in the pub shouts no.

fastlegs appers on the tv screen and she is life less all of a sudden another gong goes off and fastlegs awakens saying " we not proud the sprit of Fastlegs lives in the souls of all mankind, soon all mankind shell witness the rebirth of Fastlegs, I SHELL NEVER REST IN PEACE."

Fastlegs goes life less again and the T.V screen switchs off then someone in the pub says Clar look outside, clar380 can belive his eye's fastlegs was forever rising from the pit into the sky, but before going out of sight fastlegs gets her gun out and shots clar380 in the neck as a scare to remind him, fastlegs will be back.

clar380 just could not take it and decieds to throw him self off the cliff into the bottomless pit:D