There has been a rumor saying that Tekken 6 will be more "interactive". It could mean that each character a few alternative story paths. I was hoping for a sort of "Devil Within" thing, running from one stage to another, with some dialogues in the beginning and in the end of each (or at least some) of the battles.

I just hope they don't make the Tekken 5 blunder anymore. I find it disturbing that Yoshimitsu speaks Japanese, Bryan supposingly understands and replies in English. I bet 9 against 1 that Bryan does not understand Japanese. He should've replied "Right, whatever..." or something to Yoshi. Or even better, make Yoshi speak English in some nice, Japanese accent. :)

By the way, after seeing some stage previews from the video clips around the net, I somehow get an idea that you can use the stage even more to create strategies. There seemed to be this stage, looking like a 2-story building, with stairs connecting the stories - could it be that you could go upstairs and downstairs during the fight? I hope they bring back the destroyable objects from Tekken 4. I liked smashing the phone booths in Shinjuku. :D