Has anyone else had this peculiar chain-reaction than me?

Each Tekken has been more fast-paced than the latter versions. Whereas I tend to always be medicore in the newest versions, I find myself a tad faster in the latter Tekkens. My friend has noted the same thing, too, and when we tried out Tekken 1, he joked, "Oh man, my character's on the ground. Let's go get some coffee while he gets up." But when we switched to Tekken 5, there were no more jokes. Well, except for the most obvious jokes, but nothing related to the speed of the game.

How much faster do you think Tekken can be? How much faster do you think Tekken 6 will be? And, to tell you the truth, how many characters more can the game take? I had hard time finishing Tekken 5 because I have no interest whatsoever in other characters than Yoshi and Bryan. Especially not in the Mishimas/Kazamas. To think I have over 38 'dull' rounds to finish in Tekken 6... bummer :p