Character creation challenge

right my turn

Name: Fastlegs of Fury
Country: UK
Fightting Style: Wrestling and Parkour
Gender: Female
Height: 160CM
Occopation: Police Cop
Likes: WWE, peace and quiet
Dislikes: war

Fastlegs of Fury entered the last tournament to get back at the mishmia Zaibatsu for what they did to her friend, but was unlucky, by lossing to Lei Wulong in the 3rd round.

Lei Wulong Give Fastlegs of Fury some information, that her friend was acturlly a terriost and was not really part of the secret services.

Fastlegs was full of anger, Lei Wulong looks after Fastlegs of Fury and Fastlegs becomes a cop, Fastlegs also learns parkour which is a movement style to combine with her wrestling skills.

one day Lei Wulong hears some disstrassing news that Brianna Fury had come back to life thanks to the work of Dr Ashford and Dr Abel, but soon enougth Dr Ashford had fallen out with Abel and Brianna Fuy Kills him.

Brianna Fury goes on a rampage to make everyone in the wrold zombies.

Lei Wulong hears the Brianna Fury was going to infretrat the tournament, and turn everyone into Zombies, and make the Mishmia Zaibatsu her place to make the world full of Zombies and have world domination.

Fastlegs of Fury enters the tournament alongside Lei Wulong to help stop the fury of Brianna.

ok picture up in the from of a pixal ID card, thanks to LadyFury from deviantart for this.:)

oh and to save my self the trouble.

Fastlegs of Fury is property of me (C)
Brianna is property of Kogamitsu (C)
Dr Abel and Lei Wulong is property of Tekken (C)
Dr Ashford is Property of RE (C)

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