Destroy the poster above

fastlegs and jake where in a bad way.

"Jake we must wrok together to get back at ihopethisnamecounts" says fastlegs

jake and fastlegs join foruces,

later when ihopethisnamecounts is in the pub glotting to all of his mates, about what he had done to fastlegs and jake.

lights go out and the pub starts to fill up with smoke or fog and then the pub lights go back on and ihopethisnamecounts looks like he wants to shit him self for just seeing fastlegs and jake standing right in front of him.

"having fun there you mass murderer" says jake.

ihopethisnamecounts gets out anouther grande, but this time since fastlegs saw it coming, she rolls her eyes back into her head and forces the grande to go off in ihopethisnamecounts hand, blowing off his hand and half his arm.

"well he can't be now, not now he has been made half arm less" says fastlegs.

but with his good arm left ihopethisname counts gets out a gun aiming at jakes head, but fastlegs using her super speed pushes jake out of the way just in time and the fight was on between ihopethisnamecounts and fastlegs, but because fastlegs was starting to get borad she just got her gun out and shot at ihopethisnamecounts heart sendind him in a bloody mess down into the ground.