Destroy the poster above

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Considering fastlegs' brain had been eaten with a wine to wash it down, Clar380 was bewildered to see the livid image of fastlegs swishing around in a tree, conjurring fog from out of nowhere. "Hmmm, time to banish her, I think... Are you with me Unknown?"
Unknown slurps on his wine, thoroughly annoyed at the fact that their lovely feast had been interrupted. "Of course! I was enjoying that meal" Unkown sniffled as the fog began to envelope them.

"What are you two doing?" Asked fastlegs, whilst waving her arms in the air.
"None of your business, missy." Said Clar380 stubbornly.
UnknownDNA muttered something and all of a sudden the air cleared and the fog had abruptly parted. "What the ????" exclaimed fastlegs.

Clar380 vanished from where he was, reappeared above fastlegs, his katana gripped tightly in his hands. "surrender or die!"
"Never!!!" shouted fastlegs as clar380 brought down his sword in a decisive stirke. Just like how the fog had parted, so did fastlegs body. It split in two, and fell from the tree, landing besides Unknown.
"Do you feel hungry Clar?" aked Unknown. Clar380 shook his head and added, "I'm not into cannibalism that much."

Clar380 and Unknown walked off, the two pieces of fastlegs left behind them.

PS: This is not part of the RPG story, I just wanted to write a long as killing. lol.