Destroy the poster above

IHTNC challenges jfdhfjug in a quick draw match (ala wild west).
Both stood on each others back and walked several feet then all of a sudden, turned, pulled the gun and shoot. IHTNC pulled and shot faster than jfdhfjug and jfdhfjug drops dead to the ground, and later eaten by vultures roaming the desert.

(Just in addition to clar380's "the story so far", the fight really didn't happen, it was all a dream or a vision of the three warriors, clar380, IHTNC and jfdhfjug. UnknownDNA was there too and warned clar380 of his inner self)

Now for the story...

Meanwhile, while the two were eating at the village leader's hut, IHTNC continues to wander off some other place.

He saw a severely wounded man, half naked lying on the ground. There were lots of furs and scales around him and some burnt and still burning bushes... He muttered "clar... brother...".

Confused, IHTNC rushes to help the wounded man. "I think I've seen this guy before, something in him looks familiar.", IHTNC said to himself while picking up the poor guy. Then he realized who he was. "Oh no! Those eyes!", IHTNC remembers those eyes that gazed upon him in his certain death experience. It was from the horrible beast that he once tried to kill and was able to send to the fiery hell.

"No, I should not help him. He'll recover and become that horrible beast again. I must kill him now!". But IHTNC was hesitant, there's something inside him urging him to help the needy, and this guy is no different.

Finally, IHTNC decided to help the guy. He rushed him up to the nearest hospital and left him there under the care of the doctors.

Then IHTNC realized that the beast could awaken once again so he decided to climb the mountains in solitude, meditate, train and prepare for the nightmare that will surely occur later.