Destroy the poster above

Clar380 throws his sword into the air and by coincedence it lands on Uknown DNA's head. He dies. lol.

For you's who haven't got the storyline figured out yet, I'll save you the trouble of having to read these long posts (Especially the ones that are missing among the last three pages, lol).


After the great fight between the angel (IHTNC) and the evil creature who had taken over clar380's body.

(During this fight, clar380 meets his concious for the first time.)

- Clar380 wakes up, totally confused. He had forgotten the whole battle between good and evil because UnknownDNA wiped (and I think he killed me too) his memory to keep the evil within clar380 imprisoned.

- Clar380 wonders where IHTNC had gone to, finds him at the foot of the cliff alive. Then clar380 meets his concious a second time. IHTNC is having a bad day and can't remeber either, he is all confused and totally of his face.

- Clar380 has argument with concious and when he looks for IHTNC he had gone missing.

-Clar380 continues his quest for answers.

-In his travels he encounters jdfhgfjug at a small town. And they both have to meet the leader of the town. The leader of the town is an old man. lol.

Well... that's it so far. So feel free to correct me if I've missed much. Im just trying to out in important parts.

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