Destroy the poster above

Clar380 was stabbed in the leg as IHTNC thrust his pear through the ground. But just when he struck clar380, a bolt of lightning struck IHTNC's and sizzled him!

side affects may include loss of scalp and penis. lol

His sword at the ready, he opened the door to find an old man sitting in fron of a big pot, that was bubbling and boiling away. Clar380 re-sheathed his sword as he felt that the old man was no threat to him. jdfdhfjug was walking closely behind him as clar380 stepped into the small hut which smelled of spices and chicken.
"Bhaak!" said clar380's concious, "This old man is the leader of this samll town?"
Clar380 and jfdhfjug sat down quietly before the town leader and his couldron.
The old man looked at clar380 strangely as though he could see something he himself couldnt, and nodded approvingly. Clar380 returned the gestuire, "I am honored to meet you, elder"
The old man, lifted his wrinkled hands to his face and brushed aside his bushy white hair taht revealed his walnut-like face, with little eyes peering through what appeared to be flaps of skins that tunred out to be his eye-lidds.
He stared carefully at jfdhfjug and saw something taht pleased him very much, he smiled and nodded in the same fashion as before. Jfdhfjug nodded without a word, watching clar380 carefully for sudden movements. BUt nothing happened, he was sure this was a trap but was suprised to see two young women come through the door with two plates of food and cups of sweet drinks.
Clar380 clapped his hands together hungrily, feeling really hungry.

As they ate, the old man watched them eat every bite. He watched as if he were biting the pieces of chicken himself, thruogh his tangled hair adn his large eye-flaps (lol). When they finished eating, burping and sluping their food, the old cleared his throat and said, "You are both destined to great lifes!"

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