Destroy the poster above

(I like the killing commercials...:D)

IHTNC pushes clar380 on the jfdhfjug's grave. Then he buried clar380 alive and stuck a spear (with a cross at the end) deep into the ground until he feels a crunching sound below.

Now on to the show...

He met jfdhfjug, still dizzy from his dream (he too felt something strange and had some random flashbacks about angels and demons). Though jfdhfjug didn't notice clar380 approaching, both of them felt the deafening silence when their eyes meet.

jfdhfjug, being used to constant nightmares about his childhood past, just rubbed his forehead and greeted the town's new visitor.

"I'd like to know where your leader is..." clar380 said to jfdhfjug.

jfdhfjug lead clar380 on their town leader's hut and left him there.

Outside, clar380 is looking for his consious but he never responded. "Hey, where are you when I needed you? Damn it. Nevermind. How am I supposed to seek info when I don't know where to start?", he mumbles.

"Come in, young one. I've been expecting your arrival, both of you...", he heard a voice from inside whispered.

"What the-? Who's the other one?", clar380 slowly opens the door while holding his sword, getting ready to strike should the need arise and unaware of who's with the elder and what will happen next.