Destroy the poster above

jfdhfjug suddenly explodes on the spot. No one knows how or why, he just did. Clar380 stiffles a fake tear at jfdhfjug's funeral. lol.
NOTE TO READER: the text within the lines is the actual killing.

(Now, back to our story)

After concluding that IHTNC had run away out of cowardice, clar380 continued on his quest for answers and why he never seems to remember important evens and the small and insignificant fact that his concious had decided to begin tlaking. He thought he was being punished for something he did in his past lives but obviously, he couldn't remember.

"Whare are you going?"asked clar380's concious. "None of your business, i'm trying to remember what happned, and where these damnable burises came from!" Clar380 said aloud as he trudged past a pair of girls eyeing him strangely.
"Angels? Demons?" concious asked. Clar380 froze in his tracks suddenly as though he could remember. "what are you talking about?"
Concious rolled his eyes and swirvled ideep into clar380's mind to reamin there for a while.

clar380 continued on to a small town where he met a strange character.

(Someone has to write the next part)