Destroy the poster above

The Beast breathed heavily, great puffs of warm air streaming form his nostrils (nostrils is such an ugly word). Clar380 reached out to the beast, but he vanished. Clar380 grabbed at the empty air where his sibling stood.
"If only i could remember" thought clar380.

IHTNC returned after he felt the beast's presence vanish. He soo wanted to kill Clar380, his archnemesis, his most hated enemy. He was perplexed as to why the beast had come to clar380's rescue and concluded that clar380 was in league with the beast and under its dark spell. He met clar380 with a threatning glare, "Time to free you from the beast, enemy", IHTNC said as he bowed to honor his enemy. Clar380 returned no respect and turned his back.
Outraged at clar380's disrespect he at lunged at his enemy screaming and shouting as many curses as possible. Clar380 vanished, then re-appeared behind IHTNC. IHTNC had no idea what happened but found he had an arm missing. IHTNC's eyes darted around the ground in search for his arm, clar380 had thrown it off the cliff. lol.

Clar380 explained to IHTNC why he declined his invitation to a duel. He told IHTNC about the beast and his connection to it, his past that he cant remember much of. When he finished, he threw IHTNC off the cliff to join his severed limb.