RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

I'm a bit confused at the moment, but i'll try to answer your posts anyways :P

The DTPA is pure blood-shed-in-text-format - no rules, no frames, nothing. And thats what people likes. It don't require nothing. But thats just cool!

My long posts actually came from many things - partly taking up an earlier post, partly because i like to play around with words and emagination. I'm always learning while i write n' "create". To be frankly, I never had a single english lession in my life, and my english is lacky. In fact, when i write in DTPA, i have my trusted dictionary at my side.

People, you don't have to be THAT creative - it's just for fun, and if it dies, it dies. I'd, at least, try to do my best. It's just a question of leaving options to follow up on, and put a little time into it.

The magic of DTPA is that you can do whatever you please.
In the real life, i've been trying out some RPG game,s nad to be frankly i'm bored from these - cause there you have like 200 rules to it. And many of those choke options! They're just not fit to me.
Like vampire for example. You got a scheme of how your char is like - but the game is based on vampires. You CAN'T be anything else than a blood-sucking undead. And that's just not me!
"I wanna be a beast - a werewolf"
"But you can make a beast-like vampire"
"NO! i wanna play as my beast! period!"
"But the rules says that you can't!"
"Argh, fuck it! Back to DTPA!!!"

Okay, okay - maybe i'm talking this too far. But the idea of this RPG game just attracts me! But i can't do it all alone. Or i could, but thats not very inspiring or challenging! :P

I'd very much like you guys on this idea. And i'd fit it into what you guys like.

*kneels down, and begs!*

Well - maybe i'm talking this too far, i don't know? :D