Destroy the poster above

IHTNC fought the demons in hell to train and gain permission to return to the living world.

"Give me the the strongest creature on earth as your replacement!", the lord of Hell says.

So, upon reaching the living world, IHTNC vanquished the beast with his new found powers derived from his battles from hell. Then he sent the mighty beast down to the fiery lakes of hell.

"Now my mission is done. Let's have some fun now...", IHTNC says to himself.

Then he spotted clar380 again from a distance. IHTNC raised his hand (as if choking someone). Suddenly, clar380 was lifted in the air, gasping for breath. Then, IHTNC closed his fist, which in turn, crushed clar380's neck, killing her(?) instantly.

"This is gonna be really fun...", IHTNC grins.