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From Clar380's twisted body laid still, being nursed back to health by the bitchy bitch of a nurse who had druged him full of poisons. In his dreams, he heard the screams of women and children, their lives coming to a horrid end. Clar380 felt something sinister had come into the world, it's dark presence cowrding the air.

He awoke, his eyes darted around the room, seeking out what had awoken him from his slumber. His heart skipped a beat as a nurse, working the night shift, walked pass his room, humming. He then realised he was in hospital, and was wondering how he got here. "ihopethisnamecounts!" He spat at the floor, remebering all that had happened.

He sought revenge...

His current state was flimsy, he thought it idiotic to seek vengence so he spent his time healing, with the help of his nurse. "Bitch", he often said in an undertone. He was weak, too weak. Something was terribly wrong, he sensed something had happened during his sleep, then he remebered the dream.

He contemplated his next move to capture and perhaps torture ihopethisnamecounts before dipsosing of him, but he couldn't sense him anywhere, it was like he had dissapeared. He delved deep into his mind, and he felt cold eyes on him, filled with malicious intent and darkness. He had never felt something this terrible in his life, he knew it wasn't human and he knew it had killed hopethisnamecounts. He felt fear for the first time in his life, he had to kill this beast for killing his most hated enemy before him.

Clar380 went on quest to kill the beast, but he knew he couldn't kill it by himself, he needed help. He thought it blasphemous to even consider creating alliances with his enemies.

(Please, sombody... Help me kill the beast!!!)