Fave character other than Yoshimitsu

Okay then. I'll start writting proper english, but I must say the english language is horrible. If you go to england you'll be suprised to know that they speak english but you won't understand them. They've bastardized the language so much that it sounds more like they have a bad case of the hiccups or something. And - of course - english has soo many words that come from other languages in it that it doesn't resemble the language it was fifty years ago so I have a right, as a humaan, to write the way it sounds. (Kogamitsu, don't be mad, I have too much pride as it is). Um a combo... Basic uppercut, 1 stone fist, one normal left punch, 1 stone fist and a woodcutter. It should work out to be a six hit combo, not that strong but it looks cool and is hard to pull off.

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